What is RPA?


The technology used to automate some or all of human activities with clear rules and well-defined manual is called RPA (Robotic Process automation).

To put it more simply, RPA is a technology that provides additional virtual colleagues to companies.

Automating well-defined processes saves time and costs.

RPA completes processes faster, increasing the value of the automation platform and enabling employees to do value-added work.

With this technology, you can make a db connection, call a web service, connect to your e-mails, receive data from excel and integrate it into existing systems.

Moreover, you can do these without the need for extra coding.

RPA technology uses existing systems. For this reason, its development and implementation helps to reduce costs thanks to its much faster and faster speed.

Thanks to its 24/7 operation feature, it increases efficiency and provides operational progress with the right process selection.

Business unit satisfaction with the activation of the waiting processes in IT with RPA technology, Increasing customer satisfaction by fast response of the business unit to the customer, IT satisfaction is ensured by focusing on existing value-added developments as the jobs in IT decrease.

In this way, the satisfaction of the company is ensured as everyone's satisfaction is provided from IT to the customer.


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